Electric arc furnace

By investing in the electric arc furnace for melting our steels many years ago, we have already taken a major step towards sustainability.

Our products are produced on a scrap basis and require much less primary raw materials compared to the blast furnace route. The CO2 footprint is significantly lower on our production route than in blast furnace production.

Scrap addition

We use high-quality scrap in the production of our steels. Some of this scrap results from our own finishing processes, i.e. forging and rolling, sawing and bending, as well as machining operations. The other part is covered by purchases. We differentiate between more than 100 scrap groups in order to take the alloy elements contained in the scrap into account as far as possible during melting. Thus we reduce the use of primary alloys.

With an annual scrap demand of more than 300,000 t and a recycling rate of around 90%, we are one of the major scrap recyclers in Germany.