Open die forgings up to 190 tons

Open die forgings from Buderus Edelstahl offer the tightest tolerances with even the largest dimensions. Our three high-performance forging presses shape ingots weighing up to 190 tons into any desired shape with upsetting forces of 20, 55 and 80/100 meganewtons. The precisely manufactured forged parts weigh up to 145 tons – more than a hundred small cars.

Production from a single source

The high quality of our open die forgings is also guaranteed by the fact that all work steps are carried out within the company. This includes our own crude steel production, heat treatment, processing and quality check. We work hand-in-hand with all major classification authorities. Our high-quality open die forgings prove their quality in a wide range of sectors and applications: from generator and compressor shafts for energy machinery construction and grinder shafts for the raw materials industry, through to drive components for rolling mills.

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