Closed die forge

glowing red-hot steel going through the drop forging process

Drop forge with image

A large variety

From steering knuckle to gearwheel – each of our products is an individual development, which we specify in detail together with the customer. Our high-quality drop forgings impress with low wear under high loads and enjoy an excellent reputation worldwide.
We control and document the quality of the forgings at every point in the production chain and optimize the entire forging process with our simulation system.

From small to large

We manufacture our products on six independent press lines with press forces between 2,500 and 10,000 tons. On one press line we produce up to eight tons of drop forgings per hour with a unit weight between 2 and 220 kg. We primarily produce driveline, transmission and axle components for commercial vehicles, but also components for the oil and gas sector, mining technology, general mechanical engineering and agricultural machinery.