Why B|E green?

In the first reading, the B|E stands, of course, for the first letters of our company Buderus Edelstahl. On second glance, however, it is also the imperative form of the English term “to be”. “Green” stands for the color with which the concept of sustainability is essentially associated today. With B|E green, we therefore also associate the call for us and everyone to act in the spirit of sustainability.

The third component is the lizard. It is our symbol for the ecological change that we will be making at the Wetzlar site. We did not want to follow the general trend of associating green with plants or parts of plants, but rather to incorporate something to which Buderus Edelstahl also has a direct connection. We have a special relationship with lizards, because we find these animals at our Eulingsberg landfill site. We have been protecting the existing population there for years as part of our landfill expansion project by having them captured before construction work begins and transferring them to appropriately protected habitats so that they can be released once the construction work is completed.

The lizard has thus become a symbol of the ecological efforts at Buderus Edelstahl.