Open die forge

five workers wearing protective gear and working in free-form open die forging.

Open die forgings up to 100 tons piece weight

The tightest tolerances despite the largest dimensions – this is what characterizes the open-die forgings from Buderus Edelstahl. With upsetting forces of 20, 55 and 80/100 meganewtons, our three high-performance forging presses bring ingots of up to 190 tons into almost any reqired shape. The open-die forgings, which are precision-manufactured using appropriate machining equipment, have a delivery weight of up to 100 tons per piece.

Production from a single source

The high quality of our open-die forgings is also guaranteed by the fact that we carry out all work steps in-house. This includes our own crude steel production, heat treatment, machining and quality inspection. We work hand in hand with all well-known classification societies. Our high-quality open-die forgings prove their quality in numerous industries and applications.