Engineering steel

rolls of stainless steel

Engineering steel exactly as required

Thanks to a special process technology, our engineering steel achieves outstanding micro- and macroscopic purity levels with extremely low sulfur content as well as isotropic mechanical properties. Together with our customers we continuously develop our engineering steels and test new alloys for specific requirements. As a result our bar steel is also able to meet the increasing requirements in various industries, such as wind turbine construction, mining, the oil and gas industry and mechanical engineering.

Fast delivery from stock

We keep the most common engineering steel grades and dimensions in stock and provide extensive sawing capacities for our customers. Instead of forging each slice individually, we saw the required lengths from the forged bar to fit the customer’s requirements. This enables us to supply individual blanks in larger quantities up to a disc diameter of 1,550 mm, even at short notice. Our sawn discs meet the DNV High Grade quality.